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Bin Crisis at Heath Court / Minton House

For the past few months we have been experiencing missed refuse collections at Heath Court /Minton house

We have had only two collections in two months
 despite many calls and emails to the council, this saga continues without proper explanation

We only have 5 bins to serve 21 properties, which are now severely overflowing,
This is now a potential health hazard and poses a risk to the health and safety of all tenants affected, some of them more vulnerable than others, unless something is done soon, we run the risk of a vermin infestation

This has been reported by several tenants on numerous occasions to no avail

We are also advised via to the councils phone line to report missed bin collections via the councils website  which does not work!
if you are also experiencing bin issues in your area, contact the council on Tel: 0121 303 1112
an email address which seems to get some response is : Birmingham City Council – Customer