Community Room 2 Gosford Street

The Community room is located at 2 Gosford St  Balsall Heath B12 9ER

At present the community room is open to all members / tenants on request

This provides a golden opportunity for people to get together, have a general chat or moan etc, this could be a good starting block to discuss general happenings in your area, or if you have any issues you would like the coop to know about etc.

For a number of years, Balsall Heath Housing Co-op had a run down, dilapidated community room which was only used once a month for their Committee meetings.
We have now had a makeover with voluntary help from several tenant / members, and now have tea,coffee & cooking facilities, and also photo copying available to all tenants,

If you have any thoughts or ideas, on how to make more use of the community room in the future, could you please let us know, your input could be very beneficial to other tenants.