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Snowed In At Heath Court!

Bin Cleaning at Heath Court / Minton House!

Community Spirit at Minton House!

General Meeting 2017

Many thanks to all that attended the general meeting it was a great turnout,and it was nice to see some new faces! good conversation and refreshment was much enjoyed, here’s to the future!

2017 Marks the year of the Co-op`s

40th Anniversary!

Be proud, be part of it!, lets celebrate together and make a difference for the future!

Balsall Heath Housing Co-op

Proud Winners of Accord Great People Awards 2016


Thursday 17th November 2016

Balsall Heath Housing Co-op have gone to great lengths over the last year to better engage their tenants and improve attendance at meetings.

The Co-op`s community room has been transformed through hard work and innovative thinking, and is now a comfortable, welcoming space that residents are making much more use of. Its great to see so many more tenants getting involved and being part of their community.”

Co-op Award Nomination..

Balsall Heath Housing Co-op has been in existence for nearly 40 years and has been providing affordable housing to people in housing need in line with the co-operative principles and values.

 Balsall Heath Housing Co-op is an independent and democratic member-led organisation. The Co-op is officially run by a Management Committee which is elected once a year and consists of tenants who give up their time voluntarily to support the running of their Coop.

 This means that Balsall Heath Housing Co-op is very different to other housing organisations such as councils, housing associations and private landlords. There is no 'landlord and tenant' situation in a housing co-op. 

All tenants have responsibility for their Coop whether things go well or badly. That's why people who join a housing co-op are not only getting somewhere decent and affordable to live, but are committing themselves to helping their community. 

During the past 12 months, Balsall Heath Housing Coop have looked at new and innovative ways of engaging with their tenants to increase tenant participation. For a number of years, Balsall Heath Housing Coop had a run down, dilapidated community room which was only used once a month for their Committee meetings. 

The Management Committee decided that they would like to make more use of their community room and decided to organise a weekly coffee morning with an open invitation to all of their tenants. A working party consisting of tenants was formed to ‘clean out’ and revamp the unused community room.

 A tenant from the Co-op liaised with representatives from Selly Manor Museum (part of the George Cadbury Estate) and successfully secured a large number of comfortable banqueting chairs. These chairs were donated to the Housing Co-op free of charge and were used to replace the old brown plastic chairs. 

In February 2016, Balsall Heath Housing Co-op also organised an informal “meet and greet” event for all of their tenants. 

The event provided tenants with the opportunity to meet with members of the Management Committee and their Communities Officer from Bchs. The event was held on the same evening as their General Meeting and in the past only a small number of tenants have attended. 

On this occasion over 25 tenants were in attendance who were able to engage informally with members of the Management Committee and their Communities Officer from Bchs. Next year will be the 40th Anniversary of Balsall Heath Housing Coop and the Management Committee are already working towards submitting a funding bid to the Celebrate, Big Lottery funding stream to organise a community event and history exhibition to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

Richard Green (Communities Officer from Bchs) said “the work that Balsall Heath Housing Co-op is doing to engage with their tenants and to increase tenant participation is fantastic. It is great to see so many new tenants getting involved and being part of their community”.