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In order for us to continue and grow as a successful Co-op community,
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What is a Co-operative?

"Co-operatives are about giving residents opportunities. Unlike a traditional housing association in a Co-operative the tenants have control. Through regular meetings tenants are able to manage their own properties and direct how they would like to improve their own area. The co-operative supports residents to help themselves to improve their environment. All co-operatives follow a set of values and principles." (Quote Bchs 2016 -2017)

About us

The Co op was founded in 1977 and the original main office was at 91 Court road.

Our Management Agency

Balsall Heath Housing Co-op employs Birmingham Co-operative Housing Services (BCHS), to manage the Co-op's administration i.e, rent collection, repairs, maintenance, and service contractors,Gas, Plumbing, Electrical etc,

As of April 2017, BCHS is now a division of Accord Housing Association

Balsall Heath Housing Co-op Management Committee Members (Listed alphabetically)

Jaki Bartlett (Secretary / Lettings)
Jack Belcher (Chair)
Henry Burrows (Treasurer)
(Complaints officer)
Tom Newman
Tony Nolan (Repairs & maintenance officer)
Anthony Postle

Sara Salam (Lettings)
Jackie Saunders

Holly Walters-Smith

Click Here For For Original Co-op Rules

New committee members are always welcome! our doors are open and there is training and support available.

Contact us

If you need anything to be discussed at committee meetings, please contact us two weeks before the meeting which takes place the last Wednesday of every month.

Meet The Neigbhours / Our Properties

Heath Court

Edgbaston Road) 1-10

Gosford Street

4-22 & 26-36

Minton House

Edgbaston Road 1-11

Edgbaston Road East

No.25 Flats 1-2

Park Rd

No.47  Flat 1-3 No.14 Flat 1-4 

Tindal Street

36,38,74 & 109

Wye Villas

Wye Villas 1-4 @ rear of 74 Tindal St

Richmond Ave,Homer St


Side alley off Homer Street.

Balsall Heath Rd


Oakfield Rd


Willows Rd

85 Flat 1-2

Mary St

216 Flat A, B .

Court Rd


Wenman St